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August 17, 2009 on 1:37 pm | In Job Hunting, Social Media |

I read an article the other day regarding a woman who was fired on FaceBook. She apparently posted a comment about how much she hated her job (and boss), and called him a “pervy wanker”.

Not a good idea to post something like that on the internet, right?! You’re probably thinking that perhaps she had privacy settings in place so that only her “friends” could see the post. Wrong. Not only were these settings not in place, but her boss (the pervy wanker) was a FaceBook friend, and responded to her post. (yes, she was fired)

So here’s a suggestion when it comes to privacy settings on FaceBook. Create “Friend Lists” and determine what content can be view by each friend list.

  • On FaceBook, click on “Friends” | “All Friends”.
  • Click the “Create New List” button to create new friend lists. I would recommend creating a list for Close Friends, Acquaintances, and Co-Workers (but whatever works for you).
  • Add each of your friends into one of these lists. (there’s an “add to list” option next to each friend)
  • Modify your privacy settings - First, make sure personal information is viewable by friends only. Then Choose “customize” and at the bottom you have the opportunity to exclude friends (or in our case, friend lists).

You can allow friends to view personal content, but exclude groups containing your co-workers, boss, grandmother…

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