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  1. Be prepared;
  2. If you can’t pretty much recite your script from memory, you haven’t practiced enough.  Take the time to practice before record.   It really does make a difference.

  3. Dress professional;
  4. Treat this video resume like you would a first job interview.

  5. Make eye contact;
  6. Use a teleprompter located just below the camera lens to read your script so you’re not looking down or away.   If you don’t have access to a teleprompter, memorize your script.

  7. Be enthusiastic;
  8. Show off your personality & let employer see how excited you are not in just words, but your tone & body language.   If you feel your enthusiasm is a bit over the top, it’s probably just right for video.

  9. Be professional;
  10. If your video doesn't look professional, it will not be taken seriously.  It’s ok to add a touch of humor and discuss what you do in your spare time, but avoid trying too hard to be funny.  Stand out with your credentials and great personality, not with cheesy tricks.


  1. Do Not Show Up Unprepared;
  2. Maybe you could just “wing it”, but you WILL come across more relaxed & confident and the whole process is easier if you’ve practiced.

  3. Do Not Dress in casual clothes;
  4. This is your first impression – make it a good one.

  5. Do Not Just read your script;
  6. Relax.   No one wants to watch you read from a script behind the camera.   Talk as if it’s a conversation.   Show some enthusiasm.

  7. Do Not Have dead space when speaking;
  8. Keep your words flowing smoothly.

  9. Do Not Speak too fast;
  10. You want to keep it moving, but be careful not to talk so fast you slur your words together.

  11. Do Not Fidget;
  12. Fidgeting looks bad in an in-person interview, but it is even more noticeable on camera because the viewer has nothing to look at but you.   Take a few deep breaths before beginning.   Relax and have fun.

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