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Video Resume Starter Kit - eBook and Interactive Video Workshop

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Package Includes:

eBook & Interactive Video Workshop on
"Producing a Video Resume".   includes:

  • Choosing a Style
  • Writing an Introduction / Elevator Speech
  • Using Body Language to show Confidence
  • Deciding what to Say
    - Using the STAR Methodology
    - Video Resume Etiquette
  • Production, Options and Editing
  • Distribution and Social Media

Video Resumes are becoming a very popular and effective tool for job seekers to get in front of hiring decision makers. If you're not using video on your social media sites to market yourself to potential employers, you may already be falling behind.

But not everyone knows how to produce a professional video resume. And you don't want to publicly display a video that makes you look unprofessional or downright ridiculous. It's like submitting your resume written in crayon. It could damage your chances of being taken seriously.

This package uses the benefit of our hiring experience and video resume research and experience to allow almost any job seekers to produce a professional video resume that increases their marketability.

This package is great for "do-it-yourselfers" or job seekers on a tight budget. In addition, it's perfect for anyone considering a video resume, but just not sure. For a minimal investement you can find out all about it. If you decide to have your video resume professional produced by CN Video Resumes, we'll deduct the cost of the workshop.

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